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Franck Muller Giga Gong Tourbillon Watch: Big, Loud

When Swiss watch maker Franck Muller released the original "Giga Tourbillon" watch several years ago it was a statement to both collectors and the watch industry. With the Giga Tourbillon Franck Muller had produced the largest diameter tourbillon ever made. A source of pride for the brand, it asserted itself as still being an innovator to the watch industry - just a few years after having serious problems in light of the financial crisis. To collectors, it was a sign of hope that "Franck Muller's still got it." So what is a tourbillon and why is it important? Many ultra-high-end watches include movements with a balance wheel that spins on its own axis - with is a tourbillon. Both complicated and beautiful, tourbillons are a sort of status symbol in the context of high-end horology that are bred to mean "prestige and wealth." And as status symbols go, Franck Muller wanted theirs to be the largest. How big is the Giga's tourbillon? Occupying about half of the watch, the tourbillon cage is 20mm wide. That alone is the size of some women's watches.