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How I Doubled My Twitter Followers In Three Months

Over the past three months I doubled the number of my Twitter followers (without buying any). In this post I detail what I did, why it worked, and how you can do the same. But first, some backstory and the answer to the question “Why would I want more Twitter followers?” I will confess that prior to a few months ago, I was almost completely inactive on Twitter. I had an account, and I had some services that were auto-posting content to it whenever I updated my blog, but I didn’t use Twitter in any truly social or substantive way. That changed when I read Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. Self-Promotion. It’s Ok. Hyatt’s book is the go-to manual for self-promotion. If you’re uncomfortable engaging in self-promotion then you might be confusing egomaniacal self-promotion with service oriented self-promotion. It’s the difference between Mao (or insert just about any politician's name here) and Jesus. If you have something to share that will make the world a better place then you have a moral obligation to promote yourself and your product or service and you shouldn’t be ashamed to do it. That, amongst other reasons, is why you want more Twitter followers. The Experiment In Platform and on his website Hyatt extols the virtues of Twitter and the mutually beneficial relationships it can create. He also provides his own 12 suggestions for how to get more Twitter followers. After reading Hyatt’s advice, I decided to give myself a challenge. Despite being something of an anti-social CEO, I would force myself to use Twitter and make the best of it. I wanted to truly engage people and see if there were compelling reasons to use the service. I called this exercise The Platform Experiment. Because any other metric would require more work than I might be inclined to follow through on, I chose doubling the number of my followers as the goal, even though my real goal was to provide and receive value from Twitter. I started the experiment on July 17th, 2013 with 504 followers and the goal to double that number by the end of October. I knew there were shortcuts to the goal, like buying Twitter followers, or following 50,000 other Twitter users with the knowledge that a certain percentage would follow me back, but I avoided these spammy tactics because they don’t support my real objective. I made it a rule that I would only follow people I was interested in. Then I dove in. Here’s what I did, and what worked best for me.