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Death To VDI. Or DaaS. Or Whatever It's Called This Week

I was contacted the other day to comment on the news that the Government of New Zealand has created a short list of vendors to supply Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on a whole-of-Government basis. I guess considering New Zealand is where the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies were filmed one could be excused for expecting us to be a few hundred years behind the times but nonetheless this news was less that awe-inspiring. With breathtaking excitement, the CIO of the New Zealand Government (and, as an aside, technology role within government? Perhaps the most stereotypically boring combination ever) told of the benefits that Desktop as a Service (DaaS) could bring: DaaS will help make government workplaces more flexible by enabling people to access their own desktop from different locations, rather than being tied to their own computer. This will make a big difference to the ability of government agencies to work together to deliver better public services Sigh.... Where to start on this one?