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Why Is Ford Stock In A Range Now?

By Jacob Steinberg:

After having a very strong rally between summer of 2012 and spring of 2013, Ford (F) is somewhat stuck in a range and many investors are wondering why the company's share price isn't rallying any further despite all the successes it's been seeing all over the world recently. I've seen many comments on Seeking Alpha where investors of Ford were asking why the company isn't trading for values above $20 already as the stock price keeps bouncing up and down between high $16s and low $17s.

In fact, this is a very valid question. In the summer of 2012, Ford bottomed at $8.90 at around a time I was telling investors to back their trucks up to load up on shares. The rally afterwards lasted close to a year and Ford's price jumped to as high as $17.50 by July of this year. When the share price hit that


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