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Tara Lipinski: I'm Sad Russia's Politics, Anti-LGBT Stance Have Overshadowed Olympics


U.S. figure skater Tara Lipinski weighed in on Russia's controversial "gay propaganda" laws during a HuffPost Live appearance this week, saying that she was sad that the nation's political stance had overshadowed much of the excitement ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


"It's unfortunate that this is happening because all these athletes have worked so hard, no matter what your sexual preference is," Lipinski, who nabbed a gold medal in 1998, said. "They have worked their entire lives for this moment, it doesn't matter if you're gay or straight."


Calling newly out figure skater Brian Boitano "a huge inspiration," she noted, "Growing up in skating, [meeting gay people] is so commonplace."


Lipinski, who will join NBC for its Olympics coverage in Sochi alongside Johnny Weir, then noted, "I do have my opinions on it, but at the same time, the bigger story is the athletes. For me, it's sad."