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TwopCharts Report Suggests That 44% Of Twitter Accounts Have Never Sent A Tweet

Twitter might be actually struggling when it comes user engagement in terms of actual tweeting. The one time social media phenomenon is currently facing somewhat of a plateau. While it is true that Twitter is the best website to discover real time news, trending topics and other happenings around the globe, it probably might not be seeing the level of engagement that Facebook has with its users.


Twitter has been making multiple attempts to design the service for maximum engagement and get more users to sign up and actively use the service, especially after their much talked about IPO. To that end, they have developed a new profile page which kinda resembles Facebook.  It would be more helpful for new users in emerging countries to sign up to an experience that they are already familiar with.

However, according to TwopCharts, a website which tracks Twitter usage data, has said that about 44% of 974 million existing accounts on Twitter have not yet sent a single tweet. Twitter has disclosed that it has approximately 241 million monthly active users. Monthly active users in Twitter parlance means a user has to sign in at least once a month into their Twitter account to contribute to this statistic. So, Twitter does not place emphasis on users actually tweeting, as long as they are signing into their accounts. However, this in my opinion, may be a wrong metric to map usage. Twitter is all about user and brand related content, and the more people tweet, the more useful it gets. While, there might be a case where there is too much content on the site, one should not forget that tweets are the driving engine behind the machine.

On the other hand, one can argue that Twitter might be also the perfect consumption medium for people who just don’t have the time to contribute to it. There are definitely people out there who consume their Twitter feeds voraciously but are not very keen on tweeting. Now, if this is the case it could be assumed that these users don’t reply and retweet in significant amounts. Twitter’s entire product strategy is powered by engagement including ads, trending topics, personalization etc. However, if many users just consume and don’t create, as is suggested in TwopCharts’ report, then there might be a problem.

All this make me wonder if Twitter is as relevant and revolutionary as it once was. While I find it an excellent place to find news and real time events, that is pretty much it. I wonder how many users feel the same way.

Source | WSJ