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Leighton Baines pushes the boundaries by staying put at Everton

Goodison left-back is full of respect for the man who signed him, David Moyes, and delighted to be playing for Roberto Martínez

Leighton Baines is remembering his teenage days paying the 50p bus fare from Kirkby to Goodison Park in the hope he might get lucky. "I never had a ticket for the match but there would be lots of kids who just hung around," he recalls. And they were streetwise. Ten minutes before the end of every match, the gates would open to let the early-leavers beat the rush and that was the moment Baines and his mates had their chance to sneak in "hoping to see big Dunc". And big Dunc, as every self-respecting Evertonian knows, is Duncan Ferguson. Baines's boyhood hero. "He was the one who could change the atmosphere in the whole ground."

It does not take long in Baines's company to understand that Everton's left-back has an almost old-fashioned affinity to his club. "I spoke to Paul Jewell a month ago," he says. "He was Wigan manager when I was there and he could remember asking me in my final season where I wanted to go. I just said 'Everton' immediately. It stuck in his mind because he didn't know why I was so focused on that idea. But I just always had the feeling this was where I belonged."

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