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Floating Bloomberg

The New York Sun veteran Ira Stoll floats Bloomberg 2016:


Is there a politician out there these days more entertaining and provocative than Michael Bloomberg? ... If Mr. Bloomberg were only a few years younger, it could all form the basis of an independent presidential campaign in 2016. If the Republicans were to nominate a firebrand like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz and the Democrats were to nominate Elizabeth Warren, it would be easy to see a space for a Manhattan establishment candidate with backing from the press, Wall Street, and the Council on Foreign Relations crowd to defend Park Avenue against pitchfork populism.

Or maybe Mr. Bloomberg's age isn't the obstacle we think it is. Mr. Bloomberg's mother lived until she was 102, and plenty of other billionaires, such as Rupert Murdoch, Sheldon Adelson, and Sumner Redstone, are on their games well into their 80s. ...