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NQ Mobile: Hurry Up And Explain It Already!

By Joe A. Williams:

Ever since the special committee report came out and found no fraud against NQ Mobile (NYSE:NQ), but did find evidence of missing data on many devices, the stock price has lost almost 50% of its value. The report also stated that management was unable to provide a credible explanation for the missing data. In all its subsequent press releases since then, NQ has never mentioned or tried to explain what data was missing on many devices. Until they finally decide to "get it over with" and explain what it was that they were destroying or hiding, then who would want to buy or own the stock?

I think the committee using the word "many" when referring to the devices is highly significant here. Not "one or two" or even "a few" devices had missing data, but "many" devices had missing data. Isn't it practically a fact that


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