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After female Thor, a black Captain America from Marvel

The mantle of the Captain America character in the Marvel series will be taken over by the Falcon, one of the first African-American comic book heroes


Comment: A female Thor is good a feminine male superhero would be better

Marvel Comics recently announced that it would be making its character Thor a woman, following years of being a hammer-wielding picture of masculinity. And it's now continuing its commitment to greater diversity in its universe, announcing that the mantle of Captain America will be taken on by a black character, Falcon.

Captain America was originally Steve Rodgers, a relatively feeble man who is given superpowers by an experimental growth serum, and fights the Nazis in World War II. The character is currently at the heart of Marvel's big-screen outings alongside Iron Man, Thor and the Incredible Hulk, with two movies and a spinoff TV show.

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