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I can live without lists and here are some reasons why

... just dont expect them in a top 10. Lists are for kids or adults who want kids to do stuff. Stop categorising my life

When I was growing up there were two types of lists. The first was the dull sort, cooked up by adults as a way to get unruly kids to pay attention to their immediate, grubby little world. This usually comprised of things that needed attending to around the house. Do the lawn mowing, clean the windows, wash the car. Kids would diligently cross the tasks off the list with a snazzy four-colour click pen as they completed them and would sometimes even get some pocket money in exchange.

Then there was the far more delightful inventory, the fantasy list, scrawled on the back of a school exercise book and hidden in the underwear drawer, to be pored over later. These lists were brimming with hope for what would never be. Mine included such intellectual pursuits as the top 10 boys I wanted to snog at the Blue Light disco I was never allowed to attend, or the top 10 teachers I didnt want to teach me next year because they didnt wear deodorant or had heinous coffee breath. Dense and complicated stuff, I know.

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