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Obama's Extended Family Senate Batting Average Is Down to .500 With Cousin's Loss


Dr. Milton Wolf, a radiologist and President Barack Obama's second cousin once removed, didn't just tarnish his own political record when he lost his primary election Tuesday to Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kansas).


Given that Obama ran just once for the Senate -- in 2004 -- the president's extended family's record for Congress' upper chamber now stands at one for two attempts. Wolf is not the first member of Obama's extended clan to lose a congressional primary, as Obama lost to former Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) in 2000.


There hasn't been much love lost between Wolf and the president, though Wolf certainly didn't hesitate to mention the relationship during media appearances.


"They say you cannot choose your family, but one thing you can do is choose to rise up and stop your family from destroying America,” Wolf told CNN in June. “Look, it’s nothing personal, but I think Barack Obama is the worst president in our lifetime. In fact, I think he may be the worst president in our country’s history. I’m running for the United States Senate to put a stop to his failed policies.


"If I must, I will launch the mother of all family feuds to save America,” he added.


In columns for the Washington Times and on Twitter, Wolf had compared Obama to a "less despotic" Benito Mussolini and equated Obama's attitude toward "successful Americans" to Hitler's treatment of Jews and gypsies.


Roberts will face Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor in November's general election. Wolf, for his part, will perhaps continue to parlay his remote Obama association into media appearances.