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The joy of metal detecting its not just about the treasure

The crowds combing a Folkestone beach are getting a taste of the wonders of searching for antiquities, a rural pleasure that connects us to our ancestors

Yesterday, a treasure hunt began on a Folkestone beach where a German artist, Michael Sailstorfer, has buried £10,000 of bullion 30 bars of 24-carat gold as part of an arts festival. People started to descend with metal detectors, spades, forked sticks and anything else they thought might help, and on Thursday night a family found the very first bar.

Is this art? Its not for me to say. I cant tell a Picasso from a potato, but its certainly given my hobby a boost. I live in deepest Wiltshire, and can assure this talented artist that there are plenty of places around here where he would be welcome to practice his chosen art form.

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