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If Vatican conservatives are so afraid of gay rights, young Catholics aren't going to wait around

How do bishops keep old-school policies with such a progressive congregation? Maybe because the new liberal-ish churchgoers arent going to church anymore

On Sunday morning in Chicago, Crispin Torres was looking at the Catholic Church from the inside-out. This was outside St Gertrude Parish on the north side of town, which can be equal parts liberal and conservative, and just a few miles north of the neighborhood to which Torres had moved a few decades ago from Mexico, which is widely Catholic and has same-sex marriage laws. The 29-year-old attends regularly, he told me, and he has always felt welcomed by this church, in Chicago, if not always by the Vatican:

I take what I need out of my faith. I dont need their affirmation to feel like I am welcome. ... And I am only going to go to a church that believes I belong there.

You dont really have to follow [the Bible] word by word. ... You should follow whatever applies to your life and family.

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