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Suddenly the horizon didnt look right

Edie Fassnidge was kayaking with her mother, sister and boyfriend off a Thai beach 10 years ago when the Boxing Day tsunami struck. She reveals what happened next

Just before the first wave hit, Edie Fassnidge took a picture of her younger sister Alice and their mother. The scene was idyllic, Boxing Day 2004, the three of them kayaking off Ao Nang beach in Thailand with Fassnidges boyfriend, Matt: blue skies, clear waters, perfectly calm weather. I remember saying, Its so beautiful here, Fassnidge says. We were floating along in the sea, and there was a dramatic limestone column right by us, a little island in the background, and we were all really happy.

The camera was still aloft when something in the air shifted. Fassnidges mood switched to high alert. I caught sight of the horizon and suddenly that didnt look right. Everything had been so calm and now there was a ridge all the way along it. A wave was approaching them her mother and Alice in one kayak, she and Matt in the other. They were a kilometre from the nearest beach, but only a few metres from a rocky, vertical cliff. My mind was going crazy, trying to make sense of what I was seeing.

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