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CNN rips Cruz as feud escalates

CNN came out swinging against Ted Cruz Saturday night after the Texas senator once again tried to blame the network for his campaign's use of its report to tell Ben Carson's Iowa Caucus supporters that their candidate was dropping out of the race.

"What Senator Cruz said tonight in the debate is categorically false," a network spokesperson said in a statement. "CNN never corrected its reporting because CNN never had anything to correct. The Cruz campaign's actions the night of the Iowa caucuses had nothing to do with CNN's reporting. The fact that Senator Cruz continues to knowingly mislead the voters about this is astonishing."

Right as the Iowa caucus was beginning, CNN reported that Carson was not flying directly to New Hampshire and would instead fly to Florida for some days off and to get a fresh set of clothes.

Messages sent out to Cruz supporters at the caucuses made it seem as though Carson was suspending his campaign, and urged them to convince Carson supporters to jump to Cruz, who ended up winning the Caucus.

And though Cruz has apologized, he still blamed CNN during the Republican presidential debate.

"I regret that subsequently, CNN reported on that, they didn't correct that story until 9:15 that night, so, from 6:30 P.M. To 9:15, that's what CNN was reporting," Cruz said.

CNN never corrected their reporting, as they never reported Carson was dropping out of the race.

CNN has attacked Cruz from the beginning for blaming the network. Anchor Brooke Baldwin called Cruz's statements "B.S." and in the network's own article during the debate, Cruz is described as having "knowingly misstated CNN's reporting ... in an effort to evade responsibility for misleading statements his campaign made about Ben Carson."