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From Lady Gaga to Beetlejuice: seven things to know about the Marc Jacobs show

The Marc Jacobs New York show was a lesson in urban grey, towering platforms and Beetlejuice chic. Plus, everyone was there, from Lady Gaga to Christina Ricci

Lady Gaga walked, wearing a black wool coat with green furry sleeves, a lime pussy-bow blouse and enormo platform boots. In the running order, she was listed as “Stephanie” (her real name is Stefani). Only Gaga can star in the most outre show of fashion week and make it look like the most normal outfit you have seen her in for ages, right? Kendall walked too, in an oversized suit with a stand-up feather collar – but Gaga stole the show, because the mood was very dark-fairytale and she is, after all, queen of the Monsters.

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