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Sanders campaign sees second-half states as chance to catch up

Bernie Sanders is ready for voting to move away from the South.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, appeared on CNN Wednesday to talk about the Vermont senator’s path forward in the primaries and caucuses which he believes will be more favorable on the second-half of the map.

“The way the map is set up this year, there’s a lot of states at the front-end of the map that benefit Hillary Clinton — she was first lady in Arkansas for over a decade, she has a lot of strong relationships with people all throughout the South,” Weaver said. “She’s done very, very well in the South but once she’s outside the South … she’s having a very difficult time competing outside of the South and there’s almost no more Southern states.”

Weaver said that the states coming next will “allow us to catch up and overtake her.”

Sanders pulled off an upset win Tuesday night in Michigan, 49.9 percent to the former secretary of state’s 48.2 percent with 99.9 percent of counties reporting.

Weaver attributed the Michigan win to Sanders’ “clear message on the trade policies.”