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Anders Breivik: the worst endorsement in Europe?

The Norwegian mass murderer is free with his opinions on prison food, Hitler and reality TV – let’s hope he keeps out of the Brexit debate

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Could Anders Breivik be pro-EU, I wonder? It seems unlikely – he doesn’t seem pro very much at all. Then again, he’s certainly not pro-Norway (or at least not pro-Norway-as-it-is-currently-constituted – he’s pro-some-horrible-fascist-reimagining-of-Norway), and Norway is anti-EU. Or rather, it’s outside the EU. I’m sure it’s thoroughly warm and loving in its thoughts about the EU, just like the Brexiteers say we in the UK will be once we’ve bravely, happily and optimistically told it to fuck off. Nevertheless Norway would warmly and lovingly rather not be in it.

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