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The Infowars Nightly News.How World Rulers Coerce Populations Into Submission(FULLSHOW)

How the Real Government is Playing All of Us

Democracy is a puppet show set up to distract attention from the real governance. Decades ago, Operation Mockingbird exposed how the CIA controlled the narrative through the mainstream media. Now, the NSA is using the internet to coerce us into compliance under the guise of freedom of expression.

Televisions Don't Kill Journalism NWO Journalists Do!

Lies upon lies are churning out of mainstream media on a daily basis. Lies shuffled in with distractions and biased reporting. A propaganda machine run by the CIA since at the very least the 1950’s and owned by the big banks that have given a handful of consolidated media corporations a license to kill any truth in media.

That is right. In 2013 while America slept, the Smith-Mundt Act, a decades old anti propaganda legislation, was quietly killed. And the absence of the bulwark bill is becoming increasingly apparent and dangerous, as a false narrative of reality is blended in with the growing criminal policies of the Obama Administration and his United Nations backed refugees agenda.

This explains why Hillary Clinton can run a campaign ignoring a laundry list of potential indictments. This explains the accepted narrative deeming Donald Trump a racist because he dared bring the threat of radical Islam to the national stage. This is what the elite mafia controlling reality looks like.

The lifespan of a major news story is equivalent to that of a common housefly. Any lingering questions are buried. And by now, civilization has become accustomed to it. By unleashing complete chaos and controlling the narrative. A full scale slow motion soft war has been waged funded and promoted by our own enslaved ignorance.

Isis Plans to Attack Jewish Children in Turkey

After devastating attacks murdered 70 people celebrating Easter Sunday in Pakistan, ISIS makes it clear that its not just the Christian faith under attack, but any faith not aligned with Islam.

The United States has ordered Ambassadors, Diplomats and their families out of Turkey in the wake of credible terror threats.

Kingdom Games: The Passion of Christian Entertainment

Austin based video game company Kingdom Games is committed to producing content that "opens up a world to explore spiritual and moral truth and invite the player to find true heroism through self-sacrifice, concern for others and pursuing faith."

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