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Bed Time review – gymnastic silliness targets toddler funny bone

Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford
By aiming solely to amuse six-and-unders, this show about the chaos of getting to bed is hysterical – thanks to squirted water, disco freakouts and a ‘boogieman’

Some shows adopt the kidult approach, aiming for something that is equally satisfying to children and grownups. Sometimes they’re successful, but just as often they fall a bit flat, leaving adults mildly amused and kids somewhat nonplussed.

Bed Time, I am glad to report, doesn’t mess around with any of this: it zeroes firmly in on the three- to-six-year-old sense of humour and reduced an entire room of kids to hysterics. My three-year-old found it so hilarious she rolled over backwards on her cushion several times. I don’t think I’ve seen so much genuine kiddie delight since The Sooty Show – which, likewise, made little concession to any parental preciousness.

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