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Obama Just Can't Get It Up...GDP I Mean

With only two effective quarters left of the Obama presidency, I wanted to see what RGDP growth looked like so I could update my famous "Rolling 20 Year Average RGDP Growth Rate."  Once again, this takes the past 20 years of economic growth and averages them out to see what kind of long term, "generational" growth rate our country is producing.  And with last quarter's GDP coming in at a paltry .8% growth rate, I wanted to see what effect Obama's past couple of years has had on this measure.

And it's what you'd expect.

As you know I have largely given up trying to sound the alarms and toll the bells to wake the American sheeple up to the major economic and financial problems we have.  However, this chart is the one I want to be remembered for when I die, because it speaks so directly to the major problem we as a country have.  That we are increasingly lazy, slothful, entitled, and incapable of producing the historical economic growth this nation once did.  And while the only real solution to our immense financial problems is economic growth, this modern day American economic engine is so replete with:

1.  immigrants who go on the government dole more than they work
2.  divorce which begets single motherhood which produces more criminals than engineers
3.  entitled, spoiled little millennial and gen x brats who genuinely think economic wealth just grows on trees
4.  a non-profit/public sector/activist unproductive class

that it's just too weak to produce the growth necessary to solve our financial problems.

So the next time you get involved in some kind of economic debate.
Or you are in class and your professor is talking about how Obama saved the economy.
Or some idiot republican says we need to "grow ourselves" out of these problems

Just point to the chart
Pour yourself a scotch
Take a sip
And tell the fucker to have a cup of STFU.