Выбор редакции

История на фотографии. Церкви, храмы, соборы, синагоги и другие молитвенные дома.


1905. "Church of the Sacred Heart, Augusta, Georgia."

Boston circa 1909. "Christ Church (Old North)."

 Tall, Dark and Handsome
December 5, 1940. "St. Patrick's Cathedral and 45 Rockefeller Plaza, night view."

  Urban Ohio
Cincinnati circa 1907. "Fourth Street west from Main."

 First Methodist
Richmond, California, circa 1912. "First Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church."
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October 1941. "Amsterdam, New York. Street scene."

San Francisco, April 1906. "Memorial Church after earthquake." The chapel at Stanford University.

Circa 1890s Boston, Massachusetts. "Birdseye view of Charlestown & Bunker Hill Monument."

December 1938. "Church graveyard near Summerville, South Carolina."

San Francisco circa 1880s. "Chinese Mission House of the M.E. Church, 916 Washington Street."

Washington, D.C., circa 1920. "Epiphany Church."

Philadelphia circa 1906. "Broad Street. Masonic Temple and United Methodist Church, north from City Hall."

1938. "Prince William's Church, Sheldon Church (ruins), Sheldon, Beaufort County, South Carolina."

1907. "North Church and Congress Streets, Portsmouth, New Hampshire."

Porch of the Circular Church at 150 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina. April 1865.

1865. "Charleston, South Carolina, after the Bombardment. Ruins of the Cathedral of St. John and St. Finbar."

San Luis Potosi, Mexico, circa 1897. "Church of Carmen, rear view."

Pittsfield Panorama
Pittsfield, Massachusetts, circa 1906. "North Street from the park."

Tennessee circa 1902. "Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge from Cameron Hill."

Boston, 1903. "London honorables entering Trinity Church (Copley Square)."

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, circa 1909. "Congress Street near Market Square."

July 1936. "Going to church to pray for rain. Grassy Butte, North Dakota."