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Laura Muir believes she can put on a medal-winning display in 5,000m final

Britain’s leading 5,000m hopeful, Laura Muir, says her high pain threshold will see her through a fifth race in 10 days at the World Athletics Championships and help her compensate for the near-miss over 1500m

Sunday is Laura Muir’s so-called “fat day” when she is allowed to have the calorie-laden foods she denies herself the rest of the week. This Sunday any treats are to be saved until after the 5,000m final but will be well-earned after five races in 10 days and even more so if she manages to win a first senior global medal.

After the 5,000m heats Muir was writhing in pain metres from the finish, lactic acid crashing through her limbs. Head bobbing and arms swinging, she had willed the line to come sooner, eventually qualifying as a fastest loser.

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