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'We don't make princesses in those colours': words I didn't expect to hear in 2017

At a children’s birthday party, Nicola Yoon was taken aback when the balloon artist told her that the faces on the princess balloon figures only came in peach

During the first couple of years or so of my young girl’s life, I worried primarily about keeping her alive. During infancy, everything was a choking hazard. In toddlerhood, every sharp corner seemed determined to encounter her head. After those fragile and harrowing first two years, I turned my attention to more emotional and spiritual concerns. I focused on teaching her to be kind, brave, and curious. I taught her that princesses were cool if they did things besides just hanging about in castles, looking pretty and waiting to be rescued.

These days, I’m working on teaching her perseverance, stranger-danger and sticking up for herself. I want her to be happy and I want her to know that happiness is something you work at. The easiest thing to be in this world is unhappy.

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