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Grenfell Tower inquiry opens with survivors' confidence low – live

Local residents express disappointment at perceived lack of community involvement as Sir Martin Moore-Bick launches inquiry

Melanie Phelan, a local community activist from northern Kensington, said she had also asked the inquiry’s officials in the Connaught Rooms whether Sir Martin could not come back to answer questions from relatives and survivors “because of the strength of feeling in the room” for him to return.

She was told that, as had been announced beforehand, Sir Martin would not be taking any questions. Phelan said: “They don’t seem to be be very empathetic or even listening. We wanted him to listen to the survivors.”

A former resident of the tower who attended the Connaught Rooms meeting, Sid-Ali Atmani, said he was disappointed by Moore-Bick’s tone:

I wanted more compassion to come out. I don’t know he doesn’t want [any local residents on the advisory panel] . He seems to be choosing his own people.

It was bad. We are not going to give up. He should at least have stayed for another 10 minutes to speak to our lawyers. I wanted more passion.

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