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No laughing matter: clowns brace for impact of Stephen King's It

Community struggling to combat negative perceptions after 2016 ‘killer clown’ craze faces new threat from hit horror movie

Record-breaking horror film It may already be a hit with audiences, grossing hundreds of millions of pounds at the global box office in its first week, but one group is not celebrating the success of the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel: clowns.

For a community already struggling to combat perceptions of clowns as scary rather than fun, the emergence of Pennywise, the movie’s child-killing clown villain, played by Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard is truly the stuff of nightmares. Even before the film’s release the World Clown Association was warning that the film could cause its members to lose work, even going as far as publishing a press kit to prepare clowns for the damaging effects It might have on their reputations.

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