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Kristin Scott Thomas: ‘For me, Brexit is a disaster – talk about not knowing where you belong’

After years bouncing between the UK and France – with the occasional Hollywood blockbuster for good measure – the actor’s role in Sally Potter’s film The Party was filmed in 12 days, during which the EU referendum took place. The result made her feel rootless, she says

It’s late afternoon inside a quiet London pub, and Kristin Scott Thomas has lost all track of time. She is recalling her big break in the business, playing Prince’s love interest in Under the Cherry Moon. She says this was back in 1983. I tell her it was 1986, and she insists that can’t be right – she ought to know because she was 24 at the time, and she was born in 1960. This, of course, only adds to our confusion. “Date discrepancies,” she concludes blithely. “Welcome to my world. I’m afraid I do that a lot.”

Scott Thomas is a precision instrument on screen, so it’s oddly reassuring to find her so wayward in person. The actor arrives bang on time, apologises for her lateness and then spends a good half-minute struggling to get her head through the neck of her tan woollen jumper. Liberated, she looks every inch the chic Nouvelle Vague heroine (cropped hair, round specs, vivid pink lipstick). But she carries a similarly restless, mercurial air.

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