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Matt Lucas has confirmed it: little Britain isn’t so small-minded now | Ayesha Hazarika

In saying that he wouldn’t black up for Little Britain now, Lucas is an indicator of a society that’s kinder than it was 10 years ago

Matt Lucas has said that he would not play a black person if he were to do Little Britain again. Surely a white guy saying he would not black up shouldn’t be news in this day and age? But it’s those last five words that matter – in this day and age. Because things move on. As a society, our values, what is acceptable to laugh and point at – they change.

Little Britain was hugely popular, and bits of it were really funny, but some of it did make me feel uncomfortable at the time. Not in a hugely huffy way, but at what looked like naff, obvious, depressing sexism. I just didn’t think it was “hilair” to see white men dressing up as women to mock them as being fat, old or ugly. Thankfully, we have a society and media set up pretty well to do that already (phew) so we really didn’t need being called “Bubbles” to add to our self-loathing. How can we make it funnier? Ooh. What if one us blacks up? Nice one! Hang on … or pretends to be a young Thai woman who has had to marry some creepy old white British man for economic reasons. My how we laughed.

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