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As funerals are held for those who died at Grenfell, the living continue to fight for their rights | Seraphima Kennedy

The first meeting of the Grenfell recovery scrutiny committee meeting gives grounds for cautious optimism that survivors are being taken seriously

“Absence is the guide,” wrote the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. “Absence teaches me its lessons.” There is an absence at the heart of the story of Grenfell Tower that is impossible to ignore. It is in the lives and voices of those who died in the fire. It is in an uninhabitable tower that sits at the heart of a community, and it is in the sudden removal of displaced survivors from their community.

If there is a lesson from this absence, it is about the importance of proper scrutiny and public engagement. It is about holding to account those who make decisions about how and where to spend public money. And it is about recognising the humanity and rights of every individual involved in this avoidable tragedy.

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