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China May Have Tested a Ballistic Missile That Could Target Taiwan, Report States

Zachary Keck

Security, Asia

What will Taipei do? 

China may have recently tested a ballistic missile that is said to target Taiwan.

This week, the Hong Kong–based South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese military’s official newspaper had posted images and a video of what appeared to be a test of the DF-16 or its predecessor missile, the DF-11. The People’s Liberation Army Daily, which is the name of the military paper, did not specify when the tests had been carried out.

“The missiles appeared to be either Type DF-11 or DF-16 mobile-launched missiles with ranges of between 600 km and 1,000 km, according to a Chinese military observer,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported. However, the photos that the SCMP republished all appeared to be of the less advanced DF-11.

Both the DF-11 and DF-16 are short-range surface-to-surface missiles. According to Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer, the DF-11 has a range of between 500 km and 700 km. More importantly, the most advanced DF-11 short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) only has an accuracy of about thirty meters, while older versions were somewhere near 200 meters. That means that 50 percent of the missiles would fall within that distance of their targets.

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