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Angry about your company’s gender pay gap? Here’s what to do next

This week, we will learn just how big the difference in pay is between men and women in most UK firms. From unionising to asking for a raise, here’s how to use this week’s revelations to push for change

Millions of British women will this week know for certain what they have long suspected – that they are working in organisations where men are on average paid much more than them.

The deadline for reporting the gender pay gap arrives at midnight on 4 April. Any woman working in an organisation with more than 250 employees can enter their company name into the government’s website to see the difference in pay between men and women, and find out what proportion of the highest-paid staff members are women. It doesn’t matter if you work in a high street fashion chain (eg Coast, where the median hourly pay rate for women is 40% lower than for men), for a train company (bonuses paid to women at West Coast Trains are 64% smaller than those paid to men) or at Goldman Sachs (where women’s bonuses are 67% lower than men’s) – you’re almost certainly getting less money. At JP Morgan, only 9% of the best-paid employees are women. At the electric car firm Tesla, that figure is just 2.7%.

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