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Ageing bulls: have Robert De Niro’s roles inspired Donald Trump?

They hate each other and are involved in a very public spat. But Trump is a huge fan of De Niro’s movies – and the actor is also a real estate mogul, just like the US president

Seconds out for Grudge Match 2: the ageing bull versus the old pretender. It’s a trash-talking, fist-pumping, shadow-boxing spectacular featuring two rich alpha-males who hate each other. Initially, these men appear to be worlds apart. But as they lumberingly circle the ring – trading insults, playing to the gallery – it becomes harder to tell which is which.

Here is the story so far. In 2016, Robert De Niro makes a video in which he calls Donald Trump a punk, a pig, a dog and a bozo and says that what he would really like to do is punch the guy in the face. On Sunday night he barrels on stage at the Tony award ceremony, shouts “Fuck Trump!” as his intro and then shakes his fists in the air as though he already has. Trump duly hits back, labelling De Niro “a very low IQ individual [who] received to [sic] many shots to the head” and advising him to “Wake up, Punchy!” So let’s score the first round to De Niro and the last one to Trump – although he gets docked a point for misspelling the word “too”.

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