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Sean Patton review – sex with Jesus and a burger as big as Texas

Soho theatre, London
His shtick is tubby underdog with the heart of a poet – but the New Orleans comic was a bit too hit and miss

Sean Patton is a New Orleans native who made waves at last year’s Edinburgh fringe with a fine hour of storytelling comedy. I missed his raconteurship in this followup, which strings together flights of romantic fantasy and jokes about his OCD but stints on the big-hitting anecdotes that made his earlier set memorable.

We’re left with a slightly disjointed hour that feels like several club sets imperfectly combined, but which Patton holds together with a strong personality and a few choice gags. The shtick is tubby underdog on the outside, wicked poetic dreamer on the inside. He starts with a riff on having his heart stolen by a former love, a metaphor extended beyond all good sense until that disembodied heart is leading a bleak life of its own, selling heart sex and having heart miscarriages.

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