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I’m a Joke and So Are You by Robin Ince review – beyond a joke and into our brains

Comedian Robin Ince uses his profession as a springboard to an exploration of the human mind

Robin Ince is quite possibly the UK’s best-read comedian and is certainly one of the most criminally undercelebrated. If I had my way, he’d have his own show on primetime television at least twice a week, with the impressive array of guests from the worlds of science and entertainment that he lines up for his live variety shows. For more than a decade, this becardiganed polymath has been expanding the universe of standup, his interest in cosmology and neuroscience leading to collaborations with eminent scientists.

Now Ince has turned his voracious curiosity to the subject of consciousness, in his first book. He wants to understand why we humans struggle so much with our sense of who we are: impostor syndrome, masks, daydreaming, anxiety. More specifically, he wants to understand these things as they relate to his own specific subset of humans, comedians, who often seem to embody our frailties and vanities writ large.

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