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Brexit diva Theresa May sings her cabinet encore at last | John Crace

Queen of referendum and blues manages to get her backing group to play the same tune

Call it a stay of execution. Theresa May exists on a different time scale to most ordinary people. While the rest of us try to plan weeks, months – sometimes even years – ahead, the prime minister has a much narrower focus. Minutes, hours and days. Just getting to the end of any given 24-hour period with her job still intact is cause enough for celebration. Even if the cold sweats are sure to begin again at dawn the next day.

No wonder then that May seemed relieved – if mentally drained – when she eventually appeared outside Downing Street to give a brief statement. Her Brexit deal, which even she wasn’t sure she fully understood – other than it was better than no deal, worse than what the UK already had and nothing like what she had promised – had survived its first contact with her cabinet. She was still just about in the game.

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