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What I'm Thankful For This Year...

What am I thankful for this year? Well, let’s see…

I’m thankful I will soon have a lot more time to spend with my family. I don’t know if they’re so thankful for that, but I sure am.

I’m thankful deer hunting season has started in Wisconsin.

I’m thankful for a new tax code, one that is making such a positive difference in people’s lives.

I’m thankful for the battle of ideas. You know, things can get a little off track, but our system, our way of resolving our differences and figuring things out, is still the best in the world, and it will endure.

I’m thankful for Republicans and Democrats, and everyone in between. Because we’re all Americans first.

I’m thankful I have had the chance to work for the people of my community for the last 20 years. They have been the best bosses.

I’m thankful for the people who work through the holidays, at hospitals, firehouses, and police stations.

I am especially thankful for our troops, wherever they serve. You and your families are never far from our thoughts.

And I am thankful to God for all of these gifts.

From the Ryan family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.