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Hedonism, sex and fear – why the Weimar republic is in vogue

From Fritz Lang to Brecht, 1920s German culture is being celebrated in print and on stage – perhaps because it has clear echoes today

It was one of the most febrile and fascinating periods in the 20th century. A time when cultural creativity and technical innovation walked hand in hand with political uncertainty, growing inequality and storm clouds gathering on the horizon. Small wonder, then, that 100 years later, the Weimar republic is being celebrated in film and literature, music and art.

Next month sees the conclusion of the BFI’s well-received Weimar programme, Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Weimar Cinema 1919-1933, a series of films from the well-known – such as M, Metropolis and The Blue Angel – to the more esoteric – such as the silent film Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis and period drama Chronicles of the Gray House.

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