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Free Market Apocalypse

It should be obvious by now how "free market capitalism" is self destructing. It should also be obvious that free market capitalism is an oxymoron. I once said the market couldn't be free if capitalism was banned and wouldn't be free if it wasn't. The freedom to be a capitalist is like the freedom to own slaves: It's beyond mere irony. It's an abomination.

Why? Because it's simply wrong for a few members of our national, state, local or neighborhood communities to take most [quickly escalating to all] of the product of our labors for their personal use. Worse we're increasingly forced into debt to the parasitic owners because of their high prices and low wages.

Capitalism is even more obviously an abomination, because it's self destructing. As it concentrates wealth through inexorable mechanisms like compound interest, it robs the consumers, most of us, of the ability to continue to support it. Can you see this happening yet? If not, you will. [Caveat: unless you're a brain dead conservative.]

The profits keep rolling in from our debt - money created on the ledgers of the banks. Most fools can't seem to grasp that this process of making something from nothing only applies to money, a representation and token of wealth, and will never apply to the real things we need to survive. The only thing that's growing here is the money supply.

And then there's the oldest child of the capitalist pyramid scam: the real estate Ponzi. How do you think that will end? Will we all be homeless because we can't afford the rent on our foreclosed homes? Think about: we couldn't afford to keep up the payments as the market increases home prices and we borrow against the equity to keep going and ...