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Does Mark Zuckerberg’s summer reading betray his desire for world domination? | Alex Clark

The Facebook CEO’s choice of holiday book has been seen as a slip of the mask. But it’s not his library we need to worry about

Who would imagine that Mark Zuckerberg’s recommendation for a book to take on holiday might plunge the reader into a world of cut-throat technological competition and the pursuit of monopoly? Apparently not those who have seized on the Facebook co-founder’s choice of The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore, which describes the race to bring electricity to the US and the consequent riches up for grabs. Indeed, it has been taken as a manifestation of Zuckerberg’s inability to conceal his true drive to world domination, an inadvertent drop of the mask.

To which one might reply: did you think he was sitting on his sunlounger reading through the works of Barbara Pym?

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