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London Hughes: 'There are no black female household names in the UK, bar Naomi Campbell'

From Lizzo to Prince Charles to race and the British standup circuit, the rising comic lets rip

London Hughes is the talk of the town. Every town. At this year’s Edinburgh festival fringe, her sold-out, roof-raising show To Catch a Dick narrowly missed out on the big prize, making her the first black British woman to be nominated. In Atlanta, Georgia, she recently did a standup gig for an African-American crowd which received the besotted-yet-bemused heckle: “What part of ‘black’ you from?” Meanwhile, back in her home town and namesake, she is continuing her regular gig on ITV2’s panel show, Don’t Hate the Playaz, starting her new Spotify dating podcast, London Actually, and kicking up a Top Boy-related Twitterstorm about black representation (“Black British culture is not is not just one way, there’s more to us than grime and gangs and knife crime,” she tweeted).

The offers are pouring in so fast – gigs, book deals, merchandising – that all she can do is laugh: “God, you should see my agent’s emails; it’s, like, ridiculous! She’ll screenshot me the emails and we’ll just go: ‘Wow!’ Because those people were not returning her emails at the beginning of this year, I’ll tell you that!”

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