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Romesh Ranganathan: My kids loved Lil Dicky’s Earth – but not for the reasons I hoped

It turns out I hadn’t listened to the words properly

A rapper by the name of Lil Dicky recently went stratospheric with the release of , a song featuring pop royalty singing as different flora and fauna to celebrate our wonderful planet – yet another attempt to convince people to change their behaviour, when I think we all know it’s over.

I heard the song in the background somewhere, and decided that this was going to be a song I would introduce to my kids. Every now and again, as part of my continuing effort to convert my children to the joys of hip-hop, I will ask Alexa (other in-house robot spies are available) to play them a song. I am careful to use the clean versions, as my wife doesn’t want them listening to swearing. Normally what happens is this: one of the boys asks Alexa to stop, tells me the song I have chosen sucks, and then asks Alexa to play something else, like George Ezra or anything from the Lego Movie 2 soundtrack. So far I’ve managed to put them off Wu-Tang Clan, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Anderson .Paak and many others.

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