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'Better Markets for Crops Products' #Tanzania founded by Zena Mshana @Zenamshana2

Spore reports:
Through her company, Better Markets for Crops Products Limited, Zena Mshana is providing healthy snacks to the local population and income opportunities for women and youths

An agri-processing company in Tanzania producing nutritional, sweet potato-based foods is providing a ready market for local women and young farmers.

In Tengeru in northern Tanzania, 12 farmer groups are working with a local sweet potato processing company to enhance their incomes and increase the availability of nutritional products for children and adults. Better Markets for Crops Products Limited (BMC) supplies the farmers with up to 120,000 orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) vines and, once the roots have matured, the company buys them back from the farmers at between TSh 200-300 per kg (€0.07-0.12). The roots are then processed by BMC into a variety of goods, including flour, puree bites (OFSP-based noodles or pasta), spice dubbed ‘mchuzi mix’, and OFSP crisps...[more]