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Debt Treachery

Rentiers (those who live off property or investments/interest) are not just living by the work of we the people. Their exploitation makes them traitors and threats to the human race.

Docile debt payers are treacherous and like lender/investors. We're less a threat to the survival of the human race. We at least do some real work to earn our living, unlike the rentiers who own most of the corporate stocks and bonds and grow rich by profiting from our work.

The IMF and World Bank have forced austerity on nations around the world to service debt, as they are forced to do by the neo-liberal master lenders. The more we suffer, the more they profit. Capitalism is a failed system for at least 90% of the human race. Those it serves do not deserve to live, because they live by the work and suffering of the rest of us.

"... The consequences of IMF orthodoxy are often deadly, with the Malawi case as one very painful episode. In 1996, the IMF staff pushed the government of Malawi to privatize its agricultural development and marketing corporation. This body held Malawi’s grain stock, and it regulated the price for the sale of grain in the country. Privatization of the corporation in 1999 left Malawi’s government without a means to protect its population in case of an emergency. Between October 2001 and March 2002, the price of maize shot up by 400 percent. Flooding in 2000-2001 and a year of drought set the food production in the country into distress. People began to die of starvation—as many as 3,000. The IMF did not relent. Malawi had to continue to service its debt.,,,"