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Labour won't win economic credibility by attacking easy targets | Nils Pratley

Corbyn could try developing a more sustainable model of capitalism rather than knocking Murdoch et al

It’s the knockabout stage of the general election campaign, so there’s no real harm in the leader of the Labour party summoning a few business villains for the crowd to boo. But let’s hope the manifesto will offer a more nuanced analysis of business in the UK. If business, in all its variety, ends up in the wrong half of Jeremy Corbyn’s “Whose side are you on?” divide, the bogeyman approach will become tedious.

The Duke of Westminster, Mike Ashley, Jim Ratcliffe, Rupert Murdoch and Crispin Odey may deserve a few verbal jabs, but it was impossible to tell from Corbyn’s speech whether he was proposing policies that would tame their alleged sins or was simply naming a few rich individuals he dislikes.

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