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Emma Hayes: ‘The WSL is the best league in the world. This is a utopia’ | Suzanne Wrack

The Chelsea manager, who has pulled off the signing of Australia captain Sam Kerr, believes the English game is surging forward

“I struggle with putting these limitations on things: ‘don’t play in big stadiums,’ ‘don’t pay women too much’. Why? Why do we have these conversations? We should be aiming for the fucking top of the sky because you know what? If the product grows, so will the rest of it. Don’t limit it. In fact, invest more.”

Emma Hayes oozes passion for women’s football from every pore. A week after the Chelsea manager pulled off one of the biggest transfers in the history of women’s football, with the Australian striker Sam Kerr joining in January, she is sitting in the building at the back of the club’s Cobham training ground that the women’s team has gradually taken over, bursting with energy.

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