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How was a PM on day release for nicking a phone allowed in a JCB? | John Crace

As Johnson’s vehicle burst through a pile of polystyrene bricks, the campaign hit a new low – and then came Javid

A digger burst through a wall of polystyrene bricks. At the wheel was Boris Johnson, who could barely contain his excitement. It was touch and go whether he’d remember to brake before taking out a dozen or so members of the media who had been lined up to film the event. The election campaign had just hit a new low.

On reflection, it was probably not the best idea to let a prime minister, who was only just out on day release for nicking a journalist’s phone, loose in a JCB. His advisers, doubling up as his probation officers, looked predictably harassed. Boris had said he was going to lie in front of a bulldozer, not on top of one. There again, they should have known better. Johnson has yet to find a place where he can’t lie.

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