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Boris Johnson is missing in action on his big Brexit day | John Crace

On the most significant day in British politics for a generation, the PM hides inside No 10

Just imagine a country about to take a giant leap into the unknown. A future sold on the basis of promises no one is certain can be kept. Now imagine the person least suitable to be prime minister at this time. A man whose entire career has been built on lies, deceit and self-destruction. A narcissist whose concentration span barely extends to the end of a senten … On second thoughts, don’t bother. You’ve got him already.

There are a couple of ways of interpreting Boris Johnson’s three-minute cameo posted on his Facebook page at 10pm. Neither shows the prime minister in a particularly good light. The first and the most obvious is that Boris really doesn’t give much of a toss. He’s got what he wanted and can now barely be arsed to go through the motions. His usual lethal combination of boredom and terminal laziness.

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