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Director Andrew Kötting's unique take on Britishness

In a time of crisis, the idiosyncratic director offers a different idea of ‘national character’ in new film The Whalebone Box

With cinemas shuttered and blockbusters blocked, this is an opportunity to explore film-makers you might usually overlook. This week, I nominate Andrew Kötting. You wouldn’t confuse his experimental, low-budget, idiosyncratic films with a Marvel movie but, in his own way, Kötting is a national treasure.

In times of crisis, Britons tend to invoke a familiar, very limited idea of “national character”, invariably informed by the second world war, empire and royalty. But in his wanderings across the landscape, Kötting finds a very different vision of Britishness: eccentric, romantic, anarchic, inclusive, mysterious, yet down-to-earth and unpretentious.

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