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'It's not what you think': behind the star-studded life of a rock star's wife

Model turned author Jenny Boyd’s new book details a life living with Mick Fleetwood, inspiring a Donovan song and working with the Beatles

Jenny Boyd has two words for anyone who ever fantasized about marrying a rich and famous rock star. “Watch out,” she said, with a laugh. “It’s not what you think.”

She should know. In the 70s, Boyd married Mick Fleetwood twice, first in a stretch between 1970 and 1976, and then, for a fraught year between 1977 and 78, each resulting in feelings of loneliness, jealousy, rage and, ultimately, a total loss of identity. “If you’re going to be with someone who’s clearly an artist, who’s deeply dedicated to what they do, then you need something that you’re passionate about,” she said. “Otherwise, you’re just an extension of someone else’s dream. Sadly, I never felt I was creative. I felt so locked inside.”

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